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Best Fitness Apps

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Finding the appropriate fitness app requires taking several factors into account, including your goals, budget and where you plan to use the app – home, gym or outdoors.

Itsines’ workouts span from large equipment-filled sessions to minimal setups with dumbbells; she offers HIIT, barre, yoga and meditations (some led by Hemsworth himself!), beginner-friendly meditations as well as beginner-friendly programs designed for all abilities levels.

1. Nike Training Club

The Nike app offers a range of workouts designed to meet every fitness level – from beginner to advanced, equipment-free options to high intensity training sessions – and tracks your progress through its “activity” tab.

At first, Pandemic-Relief required subscription but has now made all its premium content free, as well as partnering with Netflix to offer workout videos (although these sessions won’t count towards its program).

Connect your device with an Apple Watch or use it while working out to access music while using it for workout purposes.

2. BODi

BODi offers workouts and programs tailored specifically to building muscle or losing weight, so whether your goal is building mass or toning down, with plenty of low impact or yoga/Pilates inspired options available to meet them all.

The app includes a tracking feature to monitor daily activity and fitness metrics like workouts, nutrition (based on your chosen meal plan), Shakeology consumption, water intake and more.

BODi offers quite expensive pricing when billed annually at $179; however, you get 14-day free trial access and 30-day money back guarantee protection.


Centr is an app with a comprehensive workout library, nutritious recipes and mental health resources – and at an extremely reasonable monthly payment option beginning at $30!

Chris Hemsworth created this app in order to stay in superhero shape for his movies, with an emphasis on strength training and eating well. Your daily Planner offers Coached or Self-Guided workouts, meal plans, sleep visualization and wellness tips specific to your goals based on a daily Planner on your homepage. In addition, there’s a wealth of blog articles and wellness content as part of its vast library.

4. Fitbod

Fitbod is an invaluable app for those new to gym workouts or looking for an adaptive routine that grows as they go. Users can select their equipment, then create their workout with timed intervals, supersets, and cardio recommendations.

This app uses written exercise instructions and expert-led videos to demonstrate each movement, helping beginners learn how to perform each move correctly and avoid injuries. The app also tracks muscle recovery to keep fresh muscles active to prevent overtraining.

5. Aaptiv

Aaptiv is an audio fitness app offering a wide selection of exercise classes and routines. A short quiz evaluates your fitness level before providing personalized recommendations based on duration, trainer, music (each session is set to a curated playlist), difficulty and team challenges geared toward running races, HIIT workouts and marathon training. Additionally, Aaptiv also features training programs tailored towards running races, HIIT, marathon running events as well as team challenges designed for team competitions and training programs designed specifically to target them all.

App is free to try for seven days before needing to subscribe (plans start from $15 monthly).

6. Joggo

Joggo was first developed in 2021 as a personalized training app designed to facilitate your fitness journey. The app includes features like progress tracking, beginner-friendly running programs, nutritional guidance and meal plans – among others.

To create a tailored program, the app asks users to answer a series of questions regarding their current perceived fitness level, preferred time for exercise and more. Prices typically fall under four dollars weekly making this an affordable solution for most.

7. Strava

PCMag had previously honored Strava as Editors’ Choice; however, after it began sharing data in ways that may increase risk of musculoskeletal injuries or road traffic collisions for users. That being said, the app still offers many strong features which make it suitable for runners, cyclists, and other active users.

Strava draws users in with its Segments, short pieces of routes that record your time for you. Chasing local KOMs can be both addictive and a lot of fun!

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