May 23, 2024

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Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid

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Petroleum distillates are common ingredients in makeup and skin care products. Although they are not listed as a dangerous ingredient, the EPA warns that breathing small amounts of petroleum distillates can cause pulmonary damage and chemical pneumonia. In addition, these compounds are known to trap pollutants and release free radicals, putting your health at risk. Listed below are some common skin care ingredients to avoid. These products should not be used unless the company offers a guarantee that they are free from harmful ingredients.

Although the US and EU have banned the use of many of these ingredients, it is wise to avoid these products. Some of these chemicals have been linked to hormone disruption, cancer, and allergies. By becoming knowledgeable about the ingredients in personal care products, you can make informed choices for your skin. Here are a few of the most common irritants that should be avoided. All of these ingredients can cause irritation or even adverse effects on your skin.

Propylene Glycol is another ingredient to avoid. This is a byproduct of petroleum refining. It’s used in skin care products as a conditioning agent, and is a common ingredient in lotions, face cleansers, and shampoos. It can also cause hives and is a known carcinogen. However, you can avoid these ingredients by purchasing clean beauty products. It can even cause your nipples to swell.

Another ingredient to avoid is SLS (sulphates of lye). These are often found in cosmetics and can cause dry, cracked skin. Some people even experience irritation after applying them to their skin. People with psoriasis, for example, are more susceptible to skin conditions that are exacerbated by harsh chemicals. These ingredients can affect children, too. These chemicals mimic estrogen and can lead to endocrine disruption.

Aluminum is another chemical ingredient to stay away from. Aluminum is ubiquitous and can accumulate in the body. It’s also common in personal-care products, and its high concentration has been linked to breast cancer. It’s best to avoid aluminum based products if you have sensitive skin. They can dry out your skin and cause other issues. Moreover, they can interfere with dermal oils. So, it’s important to know about the ingredients in your products.

Another ingredient to avoid is alcohol. Alcohol is an organic compound. This is not the alcohol you drink. It is used in skin care products as a preservative and to make them lighter. There are different types of alcohol, like cetearyl and stearyl, which are derived from plants. Fatty alcohols are beneficial, but regular alcohol can irritate sensitive skin. Instead, choose natural toning ingredients such as aloe vera and rose flower oil.

Essential oils are another ingredient to avoid. Beeswax is made by honey bees in their hive and is beneficial for oily skin. However, beeswax can be heavy and can clog pores. If you’re sensitive to beeswax, find alternatives such as carnauba wax or jojoba oil. If you don’t want to risk allergic reactions, you can also opt for natural oils such as jojoba oil or squalance oil.