April 17, 2024

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Aegis Labs Expands Partnership With Walgreens for COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing

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Aegis is a leading healthcare company that provides clinically innovative medication compliance testing and consulting services to health care providers. It has expanded its arrangement with Walgreens, a leading chain of drug stores, to offer fast COVID-19 diagnostic testing. This partnership will increase Aegis’ capacity and speed, and will enable care providers to more easily identify patients who have not taken their prescribed medications. Additional growth plans are planned in the near future.

Before the pandemic, Aegis primarily focused on health care and forensic toxicology. Their toxicology tests help doctors determine which drugs are present in a patient’s body and which ones interact with other drugs. To make this determination, Aegis utilizes cutting-edge technologies.

The company offers healthcare laboratory services, including forensic toxicology and drug testing, as well as clinical consulting. These services help clinicians make better decisions about patient care and improve the quality of patient care. Its profile is available through PitchBook Platform. Please note that access to Aegis’ full profile is required.

Aegis grew rapidly. Initially, it only had five people working in its molecular lab. However, by the early 2020s, the company had over one million COVID-19 tests and 400 employees. In addition, it had set up a call center and logistics department to help clients. The company also expanded its lab space to 22,000 square feet and increased its capacity.

The company’s high-tech patient portal aegislabs is an asset that Aegis uses to support mission of its improving healthcare through the use of advanced genomic technologies. Moreover, it is partnering with the National Institutes of Health and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to develop new tools. As a result, Aegis expects to test more than 30,000 samples per day by September 30. Most of these results will be available within 24 hours.

Aegis Sciences Corporation is a health care testing lab based in Nashville, Tennessee. It is one of the five commercial monkeypox testing labs authorized by the CDC. This partnership will increase the number of available monkeypox tests in the United States. In addition, it will provide greater access to health care providers.

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